What’s Working (and Not) with Revenge

What’s Working: (Almost) as quickly as she  crept onto the scene, Emily’s completely unhinged yet boring mom Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) bid adieu this past week. One down. How many lame, unnecessary secondary characters to go? Speaking of Aiden, seeing him bring out Daniel’s ruthless side at Grayson Global has been a pleasant surprise and we can’t wait to see these two come to blows over Ems.

What’s Not:Where do we begin? The show has been extremely short on actual revenge-ing and heavy on story lines involving the confusing and super-shady organization called “the Initiative” (paging Sydney Bristow!) and the Stowaway, which we couldn’t care less about if we tried.

Grade:C+  We’ve come too far with Emily Thorne to just toss the revengenda out the window and off our DVR, but the writing staff needs to be more liberal with the red pen when it comes to all that Initiative mumbo jumbo.

Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/TV-Sophomore-Class-Slump-1056395.aspx?obref=obinsite


Episode 2.8: Lineage

An episode set in 2006 finds Victoria’s mom visiting her, sparking unpleasant childhood memories for Victoria. Meanwhile, Emily begins her first mission under Takeda and meets Aiden; Nolan’s company goes public; and Jack’s dad upsets some shady folks.

Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2012

Guest Cast
Stephen Snedden: Thomas
Grace Fulton: Young Victoria
Timothy V. Murphy: Dmitri
Salvator Xuereb: Sergei
JR Bourne: Kenny Ryan
Amanda Brooks: Young Marion
Brian Goodman: Carl Porter
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa: Takeda
Matt Riedy: Ben
Jonathan Adams: Matt Duncan
Michael Rose: Joe Ryan
E.J. Bonilla: Marco
Adrienne Barbeau: Marion

- description from tvguide.com

Music from Episode 2.6: Illusion

The Fearless Vampire Killers, “The Deadline”
Mason enters motorhome, hears a radio playing – music from radio.

Stevenson Ranch Davidians, “Don’t Get Hung Up”
At Stowaway, Jack snaps money into cash register, Kara sits across from him at bar.

US Royalty, “Fool To Love (Like I Do)”
Bar source, at Stowaway, Declan watches news report of Conrad being arrested.

Sleepy Sun, “V.O.G.”
Stowaway is open for business – Jack celebrats with family and his new business partner.

Stevenson Ranch Davidians, “Cosmic Blues”
Jack on boat with Amanda, talking about their future.

Massive Attack, “Paradise Circus”
End Montage – Showing us Emily’s take down of the white haired man

- information from ABC.com

Music from Episode 2.5: Forgiveness

Kurt Vile, “So Outta Reach”
Int. Stowaway – Charlotte returns Declans coat to him.

Ferraby Lionheart, “Vermont Avenue”
Jack comes back to the Stowaway to give Declan an update on Amanda

Rainbow Arabia, “Blind (Salva Remix)”
Daniel and Ashley take Aiden out for drinks at a chic NYC bar

Angus and Julia Stone, “For You”
Emily stands by the beach and has a flashback about her father

Actor On-Set, “Strangers In The Night”
Mason whistles as he leaves Emily’s House

- information from ABC.com

Music from Episode 2.4: Intuition

Sun Kil Moon, “You Are My Sun”
Int. Stowaway — Jack is restocking the bar, getting ready to re-open.

Eliza Doolittle, “Skinny Genes”
Emily arrives at Amanda’s baby shower

Quantic and Alice Russell, “Magdalena”
Amanda and Emily talk about the plan

Wild Belle, “June”
Amanda opens baby gifts

Azure Ray, “The Heart Has Its Reasons”
End Montage – Emily walks through hals of hospital worried about Amanda, Jack meets his new son

Yukon Blonde, “Fire”
Int. Stowaway – Declan and Jack wipe down the bar, as inspector comes in to check things out.

- information from ABC.com

Music from Episode 2.3: Confidence

Damien Jurado, “Everything Trying”
Amanda can’t sleep, Jack finds her downstairs at the bar in the middle of the night

Lord Huron, “I Will Be Back One Day”
Emily goes to the Stowaway to talk to Amanda

- information from ABC.com

Music from Episode 2.2: Resurrection

INXS, “Never Tear Us Apart”
Flashback 1989, Amanda’s mom sings along with this song in the car

The Fieros, “Songbird”
Jack and Amanda enter the Stowaway as Declan is working on repairs.

Django Django, “Life’s a Beach”
Declan on the boat, talking to a guy from high school

Daiquiro, “More”
Nolan and Padma have lunch.

The Interns, “Smother”
Jack and Declan share a glass of scotch at the Stowaway.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, “Only In My Dreams”

- information from ABC.com

Music from Episode 2.1: Destiny

M. Ward, “There’s A Key”
Declan on the phone in Stowaway, Jack & Amanda enter.

Tame Impala, “Elephant”
Nolan training at the boxing gym.

Soft Swells, “Shake It Off, Turn It Up”
Ext. Stowaway – Jack cleans his boat. Nolan appears. They are happy to see each other again.

Lightships, “Girasol”
Int. Stowaway – Jack works on repairing the bar. He and Amanda discuss starting a family.

Chromatics, “Into The Black”
End Montage

- information from ABC.com

Episode 2.7: Penance

Mason looks deeper into Emily’s background, which makes things difficult for her. Meanwhile, Kara starts to become unhinged and targets the Graysons.

Original Air Date: Nov 11, 2012

Guest Cast
Roger Bart: Mason Treadwell

- description from tvguide.com

Episode 2.6: Illusion

• Victoria and Conrad get remarried.
• Mason Treadwell tracks down Gordon Murphy.
• Conrad is arrested for the white-haired man’s murder.
• Jack partners with Kenny Ryan in ownership of the Stowaway.
• Daniel makes plans to oust Conrad from Grayson Global.
• Jack proposes to Amanda.

Full Summary

It’s Victoria Grayson’s big day. She’s getting married to a man who already happens to be her husband. Conrad gives his beautiful bride a gift before the ceremony. It’s a lovely little gun. The queen can use it should her king ever not be around to protect her. Of course, Conrad feels they are destined to be together forever. Victoria somewhat agrees. Her feeling is they’ll at least be with each other until death does them part. They’re such a fun couple.

Emily provides Amanda with proof that she had a scar removed years ago. This is to throw the perpetually bow-tied Mason Treadwell off her trail. Emily also has plans to send him down a new road that will lead him right to the Graysons. She enlistsAiden’s help to move the white-haired man’s body from its frozen storage spot. In a quid pro quo deal, Ems will be attending the big Grayson wedding as Aiden’s date. As for Mason Treadwell, he takes the bait that’s laid out for him and begins a search for the white-haired man.Daniel learns that David Clarke’s employment contract was seized by the government, so Ashley suggests inviting Nolan to the wedding to see what he knows. One person who won’t be attending the ceremony is Kara, who finds it hard to believe that the man she loved could have been as evil as Victoria claims him to be. She intends to spend the day with her daughter and new grandson. Her real daughter (that would be Emily) catches Kara doing a little drawing on the beach. It’s something the two of them used to do when she was a little girl.Mason tracks down Gordon Murphy’s dead body in a trailer. There’s a monogrammed cufflink on the ground that belongs to Conrad, who is busy getting married again. He has no idea the police are searching Grayson Manor during the exact moment his wife is walking down the aisle. The gun that killed Gordon Murphy is found in the trunk of his car. At the reception, Emily shares a dance with Daniel. This wedding could have been for them a year ago. Daniel wonders about this sometimes. It’s obvious he still has feelings for Emily.

The police crash the wedding to arrest Conrad in front of all his guests. Needless to say, the party is over. While waiting for the car, Nolan lets Padma know that she poked a rather large hornet’s nest when she inquired about David Clarke’s employment contract. He wants to know how far she’s willing to go to make sure they don’t get stung. As for Conrad, he suspects the Initiative is behind his sudden incarceration. That’s why he’ll agree to do whatever they ask in the future once they secure his release. Truth be told, Emily is the real culprit behind his frame job.

One of Jack’s longtime distributors lets the Porter boys know that their father would be ashamed of the company they’ve been keeping. He’s speaking of Jack’s new Stowaway partner, Kenny Ryan. The guy oozes sketchy. Still, there’s no way the Stowaway could have its grand reopening without him. Charlotte skips her parents’ wedding to help Declan prep for the big day. The Stowaway is packed when it finally opens its doors. Jack makes a brief speech where gives special thanks to Kenny Ryan, who seems genuinely moved by the gesture. Later, Declan skips off to comfort Charlotte after her dad’s arrest. They rekindle their past romance.

Kara sees the photo of the man Conrad is accused of killing on the news. She now knows her husband is dead. Victoria can see the loss in her eyes. She immediately gets uneasy as her houseguest approaches her on the balcony before ultimately wishing her goodnight. In another part of Grayson Manor, Daniel makes plans to have a vote of “no confidence” to have his father removed as head of Grayson Global. This is before he knew Conrad was already out of jail.

After a successful opening night, Jack makes a very sweet marriage proposal to Amanda, who happily accepts. Things look like they are also getting romantic between Aiden and Emily, who ultimately asks her former lover to leave. In other news, the Conrad frame job was supposed to satisfy Mason’s snooping urges, but the bow-tied one has a renewed interest in Emily after Victoria mentions she served time as a kid. We suspect Mason will make a follow-up call to Allenwood Juvenile Detention Center after having had more time to study his big investigation board of Hamptonites where all roads appear to lead back to Emily Thorne.

Original Air Date: Nov 4, 2012

Guest Cast
Roger Bart: Mason Treadwell

- description from ABC.com