Declan Porter

Declan Porter (Connor Paolo)

Declan Porter is Jack’s younger brother, a rough-around-the-edges kid from the docks who just wants a better life for himself. Constantly frustrated by how little owning and working at the Stowaway does for him and Jack, as well as the turbulent relationship he’s had with Charlotte Grayson, Declan is constantly looking for an escape from his blue-collar world. A good kid that’s always willing to stand-up for what he believes in, Declan does his best to look out for his older brother, as well as Charlotte – even when they’re not together. Because Declan knows he would be good for her… and just because he may not be able to take her out to a nice dinner or buy her some fancy jewelry, he could at least always make her smile. And while that’s not exactly good enough for Victoria, that’s more than enough, more often than not, for Charlotte.

A native New Yorker, Connor Paolo was discovered at age six by theatrical director Michael Counts after he refused to leave the loft space where Counts’ spectacular walk-through production of the Odyssey – Wine Blue Open Water – had just been performed. Counts asked Paolo to join his troop Gales Gates et al that night.

Paolo can also currently be seen as Erik Van der Woodsen in the popular TV series Gossip Girl . On the big screen, he most recently starred as Martin in Jim Mickle’s film, Stake Land . He worked with Clint Eastwood on Mystic River , did looping with Martin Scorsese on The Gangs of New York , and spent two months in Morocco with Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie and Val Kilmer playing young Alexander in Oliver Stone’s film of the same name.

Between 1996 and 2003, Paolo performed six shows with Gale Gates et al… everything from guerilla theatre on Wall Street to happenings on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to an interactive, multi-media extravaganza in the Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria. He also played Nathan in The Full Monty on Broadway, and appeared as Dill (the young Truman Capote) in the Ford Theatre production of To Kill a Mockingbird .

On the small screen Connor landed the recurring role of Travis on the ABC soap One Life to Live , but also took a turn to the dark side by playing Zachery Connor, a 12-year-old rapist murderer, on Law & Order: SVU .

Connor’s past theater and film work includes appearing as the Duke of York in the Public Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s Richard III (with Peter Dinklage); as Jon in Stephen Belber’s Tape and in the dual roles of Marshall and Percy in Morris Panych’s 7 Stories (both with the Strain Theatre Company); supporting roles in Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center(with Nicholas Cage), The Winning Season (with Emma Roberts) and David Gordon Green’s Snow Angels (with Kate Beckinsale & Sam Rockwell); and leading roles in the independent films Favorite Son (with Pablo Schreiber) and Camp Hope(with Bruce Davison, Andrew McCarthy and Dana Delany).

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